AW3485A Temperature and Humidity Transmitter with Communication and Display Function


Key Benefits:

 •  Small size, light weight
 •  wide measuring range, high precision
 •  fast response
 •  good long-term stability



General Information:

The AW3485A Temperature and Humidity Transmitter is a high performance industrial temperature and humidity transmitter that measures the temperature and humidity of the environment and displays it on the local display in digital form. When the measured data is out of limits, the control signal is output and the sound is produced. The alarm signal, in response to the command sent by the host, uploads the measured data to the host through the RS485 bus in the form of a data packet.


It is widely used in building automation, climate and HVAC signal collection, climate stations in museums and hotels, warehousing logistics, medical industry, computer room temperature monitoring and other important areas for measuring and controlling air temperature and humidity.


Technical Parameter:


Typical accuracy (% RH)± 2
Operating range (% RH)0 to 99.9
Humi response time(s)5
Attenuation(% RH/year)<1
Typical accuracy (°C)0.3
Operating range (°C)-20~60
Temp response time(s)5
Attenuation (°C/year)<0.1


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