The Importance Of Thermal Protector Switch In Medical Equipment

The medical industry is flourishing with each passing day, accrediting medical advancements and tech-infused equipment. Most medical equipment work with electronic energy, such as automated external defibrillators, glucose meters, and blood pressure monitors. To ensure this medical equipment’s reliable and safe performance, a thermal protector switch or thermal overload protector is crucial. It is because most advanced medical equipment is integrated with heating solutions. 

The Necessity Of Protecting The Medical Equipment Of Overheat

The medical equipment is often designed with high-temperature limits, given the stringent operations that it has to support along with other thermal heating processors. To tap into more information, we are sharing what overheating of medical equipment means for patients and equipment;

  • For Patients – overheated medical equipment will never provide accurate readings, which can interfere with the patient’s treatment.
  • For The Equipment – when it comes down to the equipment itself, overheating can burn and fuse different internal components, damaging the equipment. In addition, it poses a risk of catching fire, which puts a loss of the equipment, even life.

In addition, a growing number of medical equipment is designed with in-built communication features to ensure seamless communication between the doctors and patients, irrespective of their location. In addition, an overheated medical device can hinder communication as well. 

The Ways Of Protecting The Medical Equipment From Overheat

From the above section, it’s clear that medical equipment needs protection from overheating, but how is this possible? Accrediting to the tech innovation, the medical equipment can be connected with a thermal protector switch to prevent overheating.

What Is The Thermal Protector Switch?

A thermal protector switch is a specialized device sensitive to current and temperature. For this reason, it plays an indispensable role in controlling and protecting the medical equipment when a thermal overload is induced by current or temperature. These switches are popular for controlling and protecting the excessive temperature of compressors, battery packs, motors, and coils in medical equipment. 

The Thermal Protector Switch Used In Medical Equipment

1. MRI Machine

The MRI machine is an important part of the diagnostic medicine department. The key to MRI is the construction of the magnetic field and the heating of the magnet to release energy. Magnets inside MRI machines require to be kept between 32 and 35 degrees, and the limit temperature of the magnet is between 70 and 80 degrees. Over-temperature will lead to demagnetization and failure of the magnet, so the magnet needs over-temperature protection. 

Therefore, a thermal protector switch should be configured in the MRI. When the magnet temperature abnormally reaches 60 degrees, the thermal protector switch instantly cuts off the line to prevent the magnet from heating up and avoid demagnetization of the magnet due to high magnet temperature. 

2. Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment

The ultrasound diagnostic equipment applies the special ultrasonic waves to the patient and maps the internal organs based on the rebounding waves. Couplant is added to the patient’s body surface during the examination and treatment. Couplant that is too hot or too cold can cause discomfort to the patient. 

In heating the coupling agent, the temperature-sensing components of ultrasound diagnostic equipment need to be detected to keep the temperature of the coupling agent with the human body surface. Traditional NTC temperature sensor needs to be used with IC, IC software once the failure will make the heating module continue to work so that the device overheats or even cause a fire. But when the coupling agent is heated beyond the protection temperature, a thermal protector switch will be opened to stop the operation of the components to avoid damage.

3. Oxygenator

An oxygenator is used for providing extra oxygen to the patient. An oxygenator works with a compressor, while it will naturally generate heat by operating the compressor. So the thermal protector for motor has become a basic requirement and routine to install a thermal protector switch in an oxygenator.

The Advantages Of Saftty Thermal Protector Switch —ST06

The Saffty thermal protector switches are designed with a promising seal that prevents medical equipment failure caused by the vacuum impregnation process, which also prevents fluid and gas leakage under pressure. In addition, the Saffty thermal protector switches are small with a metal casing and circular shape, promising proper fitting inside the coil.

The metal casing of the thermal protector switch can manage up to 50kg of coil pressure, promising higher sensitivity to temperature and thermal conductivity. On top of everything, it is integrated with bimetal-disc to ensure effective temperature control. Not to forget, it can withstand temperatures up to 250-degrees Fahrenheit to provide safety and protection to electrical flow. 

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