Top Applications of Resettable Thermal Switch in Household Appliances

Household safety is the main priority. Even though most people prioritize keeping their households safe and protected, they still overlook many potential dangers. One of these dangers is the fire that may start in household appliances. That’s where the resettable thermal switch steps in. These devices trigger and reset once they’ve returned to the normal temperature. The versatility of use and safety it provides make the resettable thermal switch a must in every home. Scroll down to learn more about these resettable thermal switches. 

Difference between a thermal fuse and a resettable thermal switch

Even though it may seem the thermal fuse and switch are two terms for the same instrument, the reality is that they have several differences. The main differences are:  

Usage times

The thermal fuses are only one cycle/shoot and can not use again. On the other hand, the resettable thermal switch has multiple cycles, i.e., it is reusable or resettable. 

Home Appliances

Before the resettable thermal switch is widely used, a thermal fuse is usually present in heat-producing appliances. However, the use of a resettable thermal switch is obviously more convenient. A resettable thermal switch is used in power supplies in case of overheat or overload. You can find them in Microwaves, Range Hoods, Refrigerators, Electric Heaters, Clothes Dryers, and some light fixtures such as recessed lights. 

Where are resettable thermal switches used? 

Resettable thermal switches are incredibly versatile and can be used in electric motors of house applicants, including the shaded-pole motors, series motors, and capacitor motors. The resettable thermal switch can also work in heating systems, boilers, burners, circulation pumps, and air heaters. 

The resettable thermal switch works in protecting motors.

The resettable thermal switch has quite a simple mechanism of action that involves the following: 

  • Motor overheating – usually occurs when the motor is overloaded or when the motor shaft is locked and unable to turn. 
  • The unstable voltage causes the motor to change phase – the voltage imbalance decreases the performance and shortens the life of a motor.
  • The low voltage causes the motor to fail to run – the low voltage forces the motor to draw additional current in order to deliver the power; this can lead to motor windings overheating.
  • Mechanical failure – occurs mainly due to loads that are too heavy for the motor. 
  • The cooling system is used under high temperature and high humidity for a long time – the resettable thermal switch usually opens at a high temperature and recloses when the temperature drops.

How to choose the suitable resettable thermal switch for home appliances?

A resettable thermal switch is a valuable addition to any household in terms of improved safety. But, choosing the suitable resettable thermal switch doesn’t have to be a complex task as it seems. Factors to take into consideration include:

  • Motor types – in most cases, household appliances come with a single-phase induction motor, but some may feature a split-phase/capacitor start single phase motor. It is important to check the type of motor in a household appliance to make sure the electric motor thermal overload switchis suitable. 
  • Hysteresis – an alternating current motor of the rotating magnetic field type.
  • Maximum current – every resettable thermal switch comes with the maximum current limit. That limit should match the current in the household appliance. 
  • Maximum voltage – the same with current, it is necessary to make sure the resettable thermal switch matches the home appliance in terms of the highest voltage it can handle. 

Saftty resettable thermal switches

Since a resettable thermal switch seems complicated for many, it is necessary to obtain these small devices from reliable brands. That is the fastest way to combine the resettable thermal switch with a household appliance and be confident in its mechanism of action. Saftty stands out as the most reliable supplier of thermal switches.

The resettable thermal switch from Saftty has the highest voltage of 500VAC/60VDC and current 250VAC/6A. Applications of this thermal switch range from motors to coils, transformers, sensors, and electronic products. 

Thanks to its compact size, the resettable thermal switch can be buried inside the coil. The metal shell of the thermal protector switch can withstand 50kg coil shaping pressure, and it has great thermal conductivity and sensitivity. 


Our resettable thermal switch proves to be the most suitable choice thanks to its accurate temperature control and outstanding contact resistance due to the silver-plated shell and reed. Compared to thermal fuses, the switch can last longer because it is reusable. In other words, a resettable thermal switch is a smart investment.


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