At the beginning of July 2021, Guangzhou SAFTTY ‘s electronic team carried out the second quarter of the group building activities, the content of this group building is the script to kill, don’t open the face, fighting wisdom and courage. Most of my colleagues have not experienced script killing before, so in the early week of the group building meeting, HR sister first arranged a script kill explanation, to help you have some preliminary understanding of the script kill first, so as to have a better sense of experience at the first time of play. Our team was divided into two groups, each with different scripts, one of which chose the theme of terror, the other team chose the theme of joy, power struggle, the script was killed for a long time, our script time lasted 4-5 hours, everyone had different characters, in the plot to complete different tasks. Because the first time to play, we are full of curiosity and enthusiasm to actively participate in the end of the script, are still under discussion for some of the plot. Although the small script is fictional, but the content also comes from life, and each character because of different personality characteristics, different temperament types, different life experiences, the final decision is different, thus creating a wonderful variety of different lives. The same is true in real life, each of us has a lot of social roles, if you can not balance different social roles, will naturally feel tired, also have no intention to enjoy the fun of life and work. Therefore, learning to balance different roles will always be our life lessons to continue to learn, wish you all in life or work, can enjoy it. This quarter group building chose the script to kill such content, is very special and unforgettable group building experience, will become another unforgettable memory of SAFTTY ‘s team.



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