When you’re looking to buy a gas mass flow meter, there are a few things you need to take into account. Not all meters are suited for all applications, and you need to make sure that the one you choose is going to be able to handle the measurements you need it to. In this article, we’ll learn how to choose the right gas mass flow meter, and an excellent product from Saftty, a well-known sensor manufacturer.

Selection Criteria for Gas Mass Flow Meters


There are a few things to consider when selecting a gas mass flow meter for your application. The type of gas, the meter’s output range, and accuracy are all important factors.


Types of Gas


Different types of gas have different boiling points, which can affect the accuracy of a gas mass flow meter. For example, natural gas has a higher boiling point than propane or butane, which can affect the reading on a meter that measures these gases. To account for this, some meters have an adjustable temperature feature that allows you to adjust the reading to reflect the specific gas being measured.


Output Range


The output range on a gas mass flow meter is also important to consider. Some meters only measure small quantities of gas per minute (gpm), while others can measure larger amounts (thousands of gpm). It’s important to choose a meter that is accurate enough for your needs.




Finally, accuracy is another important factor to consider when selecting a gas mass flow meter. Many meters are capable of measuring within 0.1% of their true reading, but some can be as accurate as 0.01%. It’s important to make sure that the accuracy range you need is available on the meter you’re considering.


Excellent AFM3000 flow sensor from Saftty


The AFM3000 flow sensor has a digital I2C interface and runs on a 5 Volt supply source. Internal linearization and temperature compensation are applied to the measurement findings. Our sensor technology, which combines a heat sensor chip and a high-performance integrated 24-bit AD acquisition CMOS microprocessor, provides the foundation for the exceptional performance of our mass flow sensor. A thermal sensor element that measures the gas flow rate ensures extremely quick signal processing and bidirectional monitoring with best-in-class accuracy. The principal applications for it are in the fields of medicine, process automation, burner control, fuel cell control, spectroscopy, environmental monitoring, and laboratories.




To establish high-quality product manufacturing and inspection processes, Saftty develops numerous kinds of sensors, has professional R&D facilities and equipment, and supports a range of simulated environmental trial circumstances.


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