ST01 H (With PTC self-hold / Not reset automatically)


Key Benefits:
• Protection temperature range from 45~250°C
• With PTC self-hold ,not reset automatically
• Good sealed, suitable for impregnation process.
• Small and round shape, suitable for being buried inside the coil.
• Metal case, can withstand 40KG coil shaping pressure, good thermal conductivity, and only sensitive to temperature.
• Pure temperature models, the current does not pass through the two chips, there is no current heating effect, and the temperature control is accurate.


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Bimetal thermal switch ST01H is a not reset automatically thermal switch, which has great performance on low-temperature endurance test, high-temperature endurance test, drop test, moisture endurance test, and durability test.



• Electric Motors and fans
• Transformers
• Coils
• Electric products


Supporting technology:

• Integrate the resources of the global supply chain, the bimetal-disc materials are imported from the world’s largest manufacturer USA EMS, and the case   stamping forming technology from the German supplier.
• The spring material comes from Japanese NGK.
• The case and contact are silver-plated, which greatly reduces the contact resistance.
• The core componentte bimetal- disc produced by automated molding equipment and sorted by tunnel oven separation equipment, with good consistency and stable performance.


Let us know your requirements below and we will do the rest.

Technical parameter

 Normally closed/normally open
Action temperature (every 5°C)60~180°C
Reset temperature range-30K±15K
Maximum voltage500VAC/60VDC
Current250VAC, 6A
Life 250VAC/3.0A cosφ1.010000
Life 250VAC/6.3A cosφ1.03000/N
Life 250VAC/4.0A cosφ0.451000/N
Life 250VAC/1.0A cosφ0.4510000/N
Contact resistance (55mm line length)<50mΩ/N
Insulation voltage1.5KV
Insulating sleeve length “a”>15mm
Diameter “d”<8.9mm
Height “h”<4.6mm
Electronic wireUL3398 AWG22 300V 150°C
Teflon wireUL10362 AWG22 600V 250°C
Silicone wireUL3135 AWG24 600V 200°C
The length of the standard lineL1=L4=520±10mm


Let us know your requirements below and we will do the rest.


Temperature and lead wire spec. could be made according to customer’s requirement


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