SAFTTY Thermal Protector Protects the Ventilator

SAFTTY Thermal Protector Protects the Ventilator

Since the outbreak of the new crown outbreak in 2020, the demand for ventilators for the treatment of seriously ill patients is in high demand, and our temperature-controlled switches continue to supply U.S. ventilator manufacturers as an integral part of the ventilator supply chain.

Medical ventilators are generally divided into non-invasive and invasive two, non-invasive insertion into the mouth, non-invasive insertion of the trachea. Severe patients in the case of inability to breathe independently need to cut the trachea, directly inserted into the ventilator hose for forced breathing, so the ventilator in the treatment of severe new crown patients play a very important role. The gas entering the human body through the ventilator, not only has a certain temperature requirements but also a certain humidity requirements, long-term use of ventilator breathing, if the gas is too dry, adverse to the health of patients. So inside the ventilator there is a humidifier to provide water vapor to meet humidity requirements, the structure of the humidifier for a vessel loaded with a certain amount of pure water, below there are metal blocks heated, so that water into water vapor, and then transmitted through the air pump to the human respiratory system.

The temperature control of the humidifier is generally measured by the NTC temperature sensor and the temperature signal is transmitted to the IC  Circuit to control, in the case of temperature control circuit failure, the moisturizer’s water temperature will continue to rise, excessive temperature of water vapor will burn the human respiratory tract, and because the heating part of the continuous heating, will burn the ventilator, resulting in the ventilator can not work. In severe cases, it can also cause a fire. In the safety protection perspective, U.S. manufacturers install temperature-controlled switches in the humidifier heating section, in the case of control back failure, through mechanical temperature control switches for overheating protection.

Since 2021, the Delta strain has spread rapidly around the world, and many European countries are bracing for a fourth wave of outbreaks in the new crown, and the ventilator, an important device to fight the new crown, will play an important role, while the temperature-controlled switch for the ventilator will continue to protect the ventilator.



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