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    We will participate in the 14th China International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2021) hosted by the China Chemical and Physical Power Industry Association from March 19-21, 2021, booth number: 8B037. Preparations for the exhibition have been fully launched, SAFTTY Electronic is inviting you to participate in this exhibition, to share the battery technology industry cutting-edge scientific and technological innovation feast, fully display the high-end brand image of enterprises, share business opportunities, talk about the future!

   CIBF2021 exhibition area of 99,000 square meters, the number of booths 5000 plus, the expected exhibitors 1380 plus. CIBF2021 exhibition will focus on the global power batteries, energy storage batteries, 3C batteries, a variety of battery materials, manufacturing equipment, power and energy storage system solutions, in particular, will focus on China in the past two years in a variety of passenger cars, new energy buses and logistics vehicles power battery field and new energy storage field a series of achievements. The CIBF2021 Technology Exchange will continue to focus on the “Power Battery and Energy Storage Battery” theme, focusing on the latest developments in power batteries, energy storage batteries and various materials, with more than 1500 participants expected to attend. CIBF2021 will be its international stage, battery industry-wide industrial chain products, professional audience groups, diversified display means for domestic and foreign users, buyers, distributors to provide a platform for display transactions, once again become the world’s battery industry’s China event.

Company Profile

SAFTTY’s main research and development and sales of various types of thermal protectors, temperature-controlled switches, products are widely used in motors, pumps, fans, cooling fans, power supplies, welding machines, battery packs, transformers, ballasts, lighting equipment, household appliances electric heating products overcurrent overheat protection field.

SAFTTY strict control of quality, to provide customers with safe and reliable temperature-controlled products, electronic raw materials are imported from the United States, Germany, Japan, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system certification standards for quality management, products through CQC, UL, TUV, VDE, RoHS, REACH certification.

Speed is the benefit, SAFTTY to provide customers with efficient, professional services, the company provides for conventional inventory samples, the same day must send samples, customized samples 3 to 5 days delivery, after the release of customer orders customer service timely close contact, know the product manufacturing situation. At the same time, SAFTTY’s in Guangzhou has a large number of inventory products to ensure timely delivery, SAFTTY ‘s sales department is equipped with technical support staff, technology to provide customers with selection, product use, testing and other technical support, so that customers in the use of products without worries.

SAFTTY is a member of China’s Domestic Automatic Control Standards Technical Committee, with more than 10 national patents. SAFTTY ‘s electronics is committed to serving small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, to provide affordable products, to shake off foreign import troubles, do not set a minimum order volume, to provide customized services, and effectively meet customer requirements.

Enterprise Mission: to provide customers with reliable products, so that customers’ products are safer, so that human life more at ease.

Enterprise Vision: to become a leader in micro thermal protectors, the achievement of the security components empire. Become the best employer to build a talented Whampoa Military Academy.

Values: to be the first, the pursuit of perfection, continuous innovation, perseverance.



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